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Support your customers at scale with interactive training

UserNurture is a platform that helps you create custom branded, interactive training content, documentation, and courses to improve your support constraints and upskill your audience.

Our Features

Build, assemble and manage all from one tool

Interactive Product Demos

We believe creating engaging content is all about marrying different forms of training into one experience and giving users options for how they learn. With Interactive demos, your users can learn best practices at their own pace by acting out any workflow.

On Brand Designs

Our platform prioritizes a seamless integration with you software experience. You can customize the url of each training content you produce and you can match the design to be in line with your marketing site as well. UserNurture makes it easy to create content that matches the unique style of your brand.

Engagement Analytics

It’s important when creating content to understand how effective that content is and to do that you need analytics that track and summarize your engagement. UserNurture allows you to track unique opens, views, and completions for each piece of content you create.

Custom & Premade Templates

We’ve implemented a template model for launching knowledge bases, documentation, and training courses quickly and easily. You can select our premade template or we can build custom templates for you.

Screenshot Taking & Screen Recording

One of the most useful insights from our customers is the need to incorporate screenshot taking and screen recording right into the application. We’ve done this to remove friction in your authoring process.

Private & Public Content Sharing

We give you the flexibility to share content you create in multiple ways. You can share privately, meaning only the person with the direct link will be able to see the content. Publicly, which makes it available for anyone to access, and login required which asks the user to sign in to view the content.

Build once & scale your
training support efforts

Interactive Product Demos

Use a combination of product screenshots and interactive elements to recreate the experience of a fully functional web application

Knowledge Bases

With knowledge bases, your team can collaboratively build out resources of knowledge to share privately or publicly.

Training Courses

Create self-paced courses that are media-rich and can incorporate all the interactive elements of our product demos and multimedia.

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