Interactive training
built for software

UserNurture helps teams create visually engaging content that will clarify software workflows for your customers or employees.

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Learning Materials

Knowledge Base

Learning Materials

Training Courses

Learning Materials

Product Demos

Learning Materials

Product Walkthroughs

Knowledge Bases

Your team needs to create resources for users to access best practices, find screen recordings, and other helpful materials.

UserNurture was developed to give your team content flexibility and high quality design.

We’ve made content so that you can share it privately with 1 to many people or publically to your entire audience.

Training Courses

Would you like to guide your audience through a series of training modules?

UserNurture allows you to create online courses which track a users progress through the training resource through completion.

Interactive Demos

Create interactive prototypes of a software experience to train your audience on specific workflows.

UserNurture’s interactive content can be shared as its own experience or integrated right into one of ours knowledge bases or courses.

We’re solving your training engagement with a learn by doing approach.

Product Walkthroughs

What if you could walk your audience through a software workflow without being present?

With UserNurture we’ve created a scalable, interactive alternative to a sandbox environment.

Use screenshots and interactive elements to mimic the experience of live software and walk the user through a process with step by step instructions.

Train Your Audience
Easier with UserNurture

We incorporate the features you need to save time creating while still driving measurable engagement.


make your product demos interactive with clickable areas, input fields, on-screen annotations, and more.

Rich Media

add images & videos to any training content you create

Real-Time Chat

speak with your customers at the point of experience with your training content

Custom Branding

on any plan you can customize the design color scheme and add your logo to match your brand

Custom Urls

when publishing training with UserNurture you can use your ow custom domain or subdomain

Quality Templates

choose from our template library to help improve the experience of your training

Screenshot Taker

we’ve integrated screen capture functionality into the application to streamline your authoring experience

Screen Recording

record your screen with UserNurture and easily add your screencasts to your training

Private Sharing

create content that can be shared privately with a specific audience or just one person