The culture of Digital Transformation is paving its way through the business world. The cutthroat competition has compelled the companies to implement new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In an attempt to get an edge over the rivals, some companies lose the track due to over speeding.

With the rapid technological advancement, it has become important to make sure that your workers are acquainted with the new software. But, trying too many things at the same time may become an intimidating experience for the employees.

Crushing your employees under the heavy technological load will do no good to your company. Some of your employees may quickly cope with the new software, while some users find themselves struggling to do so.

Here are some effective ways to train the users on new software and make the learning experience count.

1.     Personalized Training Helps

With the rushing time, one hardly opts for going through a 100-page manual or webinar to learn something. “Learning by doing” is what interests users more. Conventional training sessions do work for some minds, but the ones struggling with technology may fail to benefit. It may let frustration and doubt set in for an average learner.

Personalized one-to-one training helps to build self-confidence in the user. A constant push at the back makes it easier to comprehend new concepts and clarify the confusions. It motivates the user to try new things.

2.     Give Your User Some Space

An obstacle that hinders the learning process is the fear of failure. The fear engulfs, especially when there is a certain level of productivity to meet. Give the user ample time to get familiar with the new software. Long learning curves may suffocate the user slowing down their learning pace.

To achieve long term gains, think about lowering the users’ initial productivity level. The fear of inefficiency, when coupled with stress, may be devastating for the user. We all make mistakes; a new employee also will. But then we learn from mistakes. Help your employees overcome their fear. Once they absorb the information well, they will speed up themselves.

3.     Repetition –The Key to Learning

New skills need to be reinforced time and again. If the user does not put his learning to immediate use, his training will go in vain. Once trained on the new software, going back to the old method may affect the learning. It will psychologically hinder the user from adopting the new technology.

To cross the barrier, hands-on experience, and enough cases to deal with help. Making the usage of new software a compulsion is also beneficial. The more you practice, the more you learn.

4.     Break It Down

The human brain cannot absorb all available information in one go. Every time you read a book or watch a movie, you discover something new. Same is the case with learning new software. It is important to break down the complexity into simple things. Provide the information to the user in layers.

Cramming often fails. So, the effective way is to lay the foundation first and then build the advanced information on that.

Final Word

Your employees are crucial to your company’s success. It is important to acquaint them with new software and technologies. But, it is equally important to ensure that the experience doesn’t turn out to be destructive rather than benefitting the employee and the organization.


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