Scale Your Software Training and Onboarding with our Success Platform

UserNurture provides a complete tool set to help companies effectively train their customers or employees at scale on any software platform. Launch an everygreen onboarding and resource experience with Confidence!.
Built with the flexibility to engage external and internal audiences simulateously
Join the 100's of companies building specialized interactive training around the following software

How does UserNurture work?

UserNurture automates the work of software training and onboarding

Interactive Software Training

Build training content that your audience can access as needed without hands-on support.

Collaborative Action Plans

Guide your audience through a series of steps to complete any onboarding process.

Frictionless Resource Hubs

Create and evergreen library of actionable training and onboarding material. Add or update content with ease.

Power Your Pre & Post Sale Onboarding


Collaborative Action Plans

Improve your customer onboarding

With paths you can layout a series of steps for a customer to follow and keep track of their progress asyncronously

Interactive Walkthroughs

Engage with self-service content

Interactive walkthroughs give the audience the feel of hands-on support in an environment that mimics the characteristics of live software.

Screen cast Videos

provide video training for your audience

We can create video training content for any software experience. Use UserNurture to share your videos in a custom branded experience.

Enhanced Documentation

Searchable, training content

Our docs are great for creating version control documentation to satisfy every software use case.

REal-Time Messaging

check in with users when your needed

All content created within UserNurture provides real time messaging so your audience can reach you when they get stuck.

Why UserNurture?

Train Customers,
Retain Customers

Software Adoption

UserNurture removes friction from the process of creating Relevant and actionable software content for your users. Create content that removes blockers from your customer experience

Streamline Onboarding

UserNurture's paths create actionable plans for your audience to handle post sale onboarding and team member training.

Handle Request

Equip your support team members with the ability to create content and Answer questions in real time

Build Trust

UserNurture helps you to show off the best aspects of your product and deepen your audiences understanding of the possibilities available to them.