Scalable, Collaborative Onboarding for Teams  

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Create more upsell and retention opportunities

Our goal is to help your team do more with less while prioritizing the customer’s experience

Prioritize Retention

Remove the uncertainty from your onboarding with collaborative plans.

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Engage asynchronously

Build training content specific for helping users better understand workflows.

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Sync data with your CRM

Contextual data synced to your CRM of choice so you gain visibility on progress.

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Better Segmentation

Clearly define and execution a customer segmentation approach that delivers results.

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Onboarding Copilot

We’ll help you cut down on the number of emails and meetings you need to schedule with collaborative action plans that helps clarify the path to value for customers.

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Easier Segmentation

We’ll take the complexity out of your customer segmentation logic. Pull together the right data to customize onboarding for high & low touch customers and move them down the right path.

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AI Driven Content

A big part of onboarding is training. Rather then spending valuable 1 on 1 time explaining how to utilize your product user our walkthroughs content to have customers trained themselves with self paced learning.

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