Share Knowledge with Your
Customers at Scale

UserNurture is an all-in-one system that makes training easy to create, engaging to consume and simple to collaborate and manage.


Your Customers
Train Themselves

We built UserNurture to be a scalable solution for one-on-one training. 

Your users will gain access to the interactive training to improve their usage of software using a self paced learning strategy.


Reduce Customer Churn

By being proactive and building out engaging training content you can expect to create more loyal customers by helping them upskill.


Collaborate with your Team

Your team can build out a library of content together in real time. We also have an approval experience to ensure no content is published without approval and authorization.

White Label & Custom Design
Your Content Experience

UserNurture fades into the background as your CMS for training content. Customize templates to fit your brand or choose to implement custom designs.


We signed up for UserNurture because we were intrigued by the idea of interactive software training content and an app that can take and edit screenshots.


Diversify the ways You Deliver Training

We currently have 4 types of training content types available. Knowledge Bases (Documentation), Courses, Walkthroughs, and Training Demos. Unlink our competitors, all our content takes advantage of using interactive content.

Integrated Screen Capture and Screen Recording

UserNurture includes screen recording and screenshot capture functionalities to simplify the experience of building your content with an all-in-one authoring experience.

Build Your Learning Materials Quickly

We provide a very simple authoring experience that anyone on your team can use without training.

Build Your Learning Materials Quickly

For each piece of content you create in UserNurture, you will have access to analytics. This includes Views, completions, and unique visits to give you a better picture of what’s performing well.